The Irene Modular Range comprising of switches, sockets, and accessories are the perfect match for modern Indian homes. The switch, socket and plate range comes with a myriad of uncompromising safety features that make them capable of withstanding the glow wire test at 850 degrees.

cover plates stripes

Striped cover plates that give protection to your switches and give them a unique and stylish look.

support module

A range of devices including fan regulators, T.V. sockets, motor starter switch etc. that support better working of circuits.

surface mounting plastic boxes

A range including ½ module, 3 module, 4 module and going up to 12 module mounting boxes that cover up circuits for better protection.

sockets module

Long lasting socket modules including 6-13 A universal sockets, 6A 2 pin sockets and more.

switch module

1 way switches, 2 way switches, indicators and more to help you attain efficient working of appliances at homes, offices and anywhere else.

gi metal boxes

Made from more than the best metal sheets, the GI metal boxes offer effective protection to your circuits.

cover plates surround

Shiny cover plates that help keep your switches safe and provide more protection.