At Standard, we understand how crucial right electrical wiring is for any place, be it any industry, school, home, office or gym. Considering its importance, the range of Cables by Standard has been crafted after extensive research and innovation. These cables are highly insulated, heat resistant, fire retardant and eco-friendly, making them absolutely safe to use. Our cables are made from the best quality copper and PVC, to perform efficiently year after year. Electrical cables by Standard have employed special technology that is rated for 10% higher current carrying capacity, and withstanding major overloads. Check out our range of flexible cables intended for different applications.

Standard  - multicore round cables

multicore round cables

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Standard  - heatshield fr

heatshield fr

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Standard  - heatshield htr hrfr

heatshield htr hrfr

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Standard  - flat submersible cables

flat submersible cables

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Standard  - flame retardant low smoke and halogen

flame retardant low smoke and halogen

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Standard  - telecom switch board cables

telecom switch board cables

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Standard  - catv co axial cables

catv co axial cables

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flexible cables

With an eye for detail, the range of flexible cables from Standard is built with utmost precision and care keeping in mind the market standards. The finest cables for use in industrial as well as domestic purposes, our range is safe and reliable.

Irrespective of the work, be it construction, industrial settings, domestic installations, cables are always an integral part of the process. You can find the most dependable flat submersible cables, multicore round cables, catv co-axilal cables , cctv cables, lan cables and speaker cables in our range.

The cables are designed in such a way that they are heat and fire resistant giving you all the protection you need. Our complete range is highly reliable and protects all your appliances while doing the job.

The cables are available in different core configurations & lengths and you can choose them as per your requirement. They are built keeping in mind the specifics of Indian usage including electricity supply and its intricacies.

A marvel of modern technology, they are an effective combination of features that do the job so that you can relax and depend on them. They are non-toxic and have all the required properties.