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Flat Submersible Cables Black100 m (1.5 sq. mm) WSPNDSKB31X5

Imported by: Havells India Ltd

Country of Origin: India

MRP Rs.: rupee 9905.00(incl. of all taxes)
(Net Quantity : 1 N)


  • Flat cables for Submersible Pumps & Motors

  • Three core flat PVC insulated industrial grade cable for submersible use, 1.1 kV as per IS:8130

  • Available in- 3 core with Sizes 1.5 sq. mm to 35 sq. mm and for above size on request.

  • 101 % copper conductivity, 99.95 % pure bare copper conductor

Product Description *Under Standard in house labratory test conditions

As the name suggests, Flat Submersible Cables are the cables that can be submerged. Standard offers flat submersible cables which are used to supply power to submersible pumps and motors in deep bore wells. Since these cables are often installed in a hostile environment, their conductors are insulated with special PVC compound and finally, the highly abrasion resistant PVC sheathing impervious to water, oil, petrol, most acids, alkalis and grease, make the cable absolutely durable and reliable.

Specification *Under Standard in house labratory test conditions

TYPEMulticore Round
CORE3 Core
SIZE1.5 sq. mm


High Conductivity
These cables have solid annealed copper conductor which is more than 99.95 % pure and therefore, ensures 101 % conductivity. Being highly conductive, these cables are reliable and ensure no power loss.
Resistant to Environmental Conditions
Its outer sheath consists of highly abrasion resistant PVC compound which makes the cable impervious to grease, corrosive liquids, oil, petrol, water, etc.
High Insulation Resistance
The submersible cables are highly insulated in the company of special PVC compound over copper conductor, further strengthened by outer sheathing of abrasion resistant PVC, making them absolutely safe and reliable.
Area of Application
The submersible cables help in supplying power to submersible pumps in deep bore well for irrigation, fountains, drinking water supply, offshore drilling rigs, mine dewatering, sewage treatment plants, Industries, sea water filtration plants, swimming pools, aquariums, etc.
Progressive Sequential Marking
The submersible cable has progressive sequential length marking on every meter.
Excellent Flexibility
The jacketing of highly abrasion resistant PVC provides the ultimate mechanical strength to the cable, without losing its flexibility. Enhanced flexibility lets the cable pass through hostile environmental conditions without any problem.
Available in Different Sizes & Lengths
The 3-core submersible cables are available in the sizes of 1.5 sq. mm, 2.5 sq. mm, 4 sq. mm, 6 sq.mm, 10 sq.mm, 16 sq.mm, 25 sq.mm, and 35 sq. mm, and in the packaging of 100 m in drums.

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