Standard’s Irene Modular range of switches is absolutely elegant in its looks, making it perfect to match almost any type of interiors. These switches are made in accordance with IS 3854:1997 specifications, which make them absolutely safe to use. The Irene range has all sorts of switches, support modules, socket modules, surface mounting boxes and other accessories to meet your electrical requirements. Its switch cover plates are available in two choices, Irene Stripes and Irene Surround. Check out the complete range of Irene modular switches.

cover plates stripes

Irene Stripes, a striped switch cover plate by Standard, is a perfect combination of design, quality and durability. Check out the Irene Stripes cover plates, available in a number of modules.

cover plates surround

Irene Surround is a range of switch cover plates that are a little curved on its sides. These glistening cover plates are absolutely awe-inspiring and can be availed in different range of modules.

gi metal boxes

Irene Modular range also offers GI Metal Boxes that are made out of rust-resistant, high-quality metal, giving them longer life and ensuring better circuit protection. Check out Irene’s GI Metal Boxes available in different modules.

sockets module

The range of Irene Socket Module includes 2-pin sockets, 3-pin sockets, and universal sockets. These sockets are manufactured adhering to IS 1293:2005 specifications, ensuring safety and reliability to the users.

support module

Irene Support Module includes a collection of high-quality Fan Regulators, Blank Plates, Mini MCBs, Motor Starters, Dimmers, Indicator Lamps, etc. All the devices are crafted using advanced technology to perform

surface mounting plastic boxes

Irene Modular range offer surface mounting plastic boxes – available in 1-2 module, 3-module, 4-module, and up to 12-module configuration – which neatly hide the circuits for enhanced safety.

switch module

Irene Switch Module has a compilation of 1-way switches, 1-way switches with indicators, 2-way switches, and bell-push switches. Made with high-quality polycarbonate plastic, Irene switches are the best buy seeing their durability and longer life span.

irene modular range

With value for money guaranteed, the Irene Modular Range is durable, completely safe and convenient to use. It provides you various choices to select from cover plates, support modules , GI metal boxes , socket modules and switch modules . With the assurance to provide you more than your expectations, they will lend you a never to forget experience. Reasonably priced and conveniently designed, the Irene modular range is undoubtedly the best.

Keeping in mind the usage of switches, plastic boxes, metal boxes, cover frames, support and communication modules in India, they have been built according to the latest trends in the market keeping in mind all the safety features.

Talking about aesthetics, this range is available in light shades, therefore complimenting all kinds of furniture colors and wall colors. Made to provide an experience that is worthwhile, you can make your pick from the wide range depending on your requirements.

With Standard, come the following perks:

1) Our switches and accessories are affordable

2) The durability is unmatched

3) They are a combination of modern looks and contemporary styling

4) They add to the aesthetics of your vicinity giving it a very elegant look