Points to Consider Before Buying Modular Switches

Electrical switches make an essential part of your space. No matter how small or big is your space; the requirement of switches remains everywhere. And in today’s scenario, the modular electrical switches not only solve the actual purpose of switching on/off the electrical appliances, but also enhance the aesthetics of your zone. So, it is quite important to understand the basics before switching to the right switch. Let’s quickly go through some tips which will help you in selecting the perfect modular switches for your home/office.
Buying Guide for Modular Switches
Type of Switch - Of course, you would prefer the latest modular switches over the conventional ones. And why not, modular switches are certainly the best due to many reasons. Standard Electricals offers a wide variety of modular switches which are made using high-grade material, abiding by the industry standards for overall safety.
Material - Once you’ve decided that you would go for modular switches, it is imperative to know what kind of material has been used in the making of these switches. Customarily, switches crafted out of high-grade, flame retardant polycarbonate are considered the best. These electrical switches are not only dust proof but also have high melting point and flame resistance properties.
Safety - Any electrical appliance is expected to be safe to use. Likewise, electric switches are also expected to have all the safety features for the complete peace of mind. For safety reasons, the switches must be built from FR-grade material. The sockets must be shuttered to avoid any accidental contact with any live electrical wires or parts. It is always better if the switches have spark shield inside to hide sparking, and avoiding any damage or short circuit due to leakage of current. To confirm the protection, all the switches and sockets should be ISI marked and made in conjunction with the safety standards set by the industry.
Dust-Shield - Things are prone to get dust. In order to avoid the extra chore, you must look for switches with dust-shield feature. The provision of a dust shield prevents the settling of dust, thus, helps your switches to shine like new for years. 
Insulation - The switches must have high insulation resistance in order to make them shock-proof. While buying, you must check the insulation resistance which should be more than 2000 mega Ohms.
Aesthetics - After confirming the safety, now comes the designing part. Keeping in mind that switches today are available in different shapes, sizes, finishes, colours, designs and combinations, you should invest a little time in choosing the ideal match for your interiors. However, it depends entirely on your choice and preference. You can choose the ones that feature straight design and go well with the colour scheme of your space.
User-Friendly - While choosing, ensure that the switches must be noise-free and soft-to-operate. You must opt for ergonomically designed switches because they don’t make any noise, or require any effort to turn on or off.
Long Lifespan - Unlike the conventional switches, modular switches are durable and have a longer lifespan. If you choose modular switches by Standard, you get assurance of durability as these switches have been tested for more than 1, 00,000 operations to ensure their endurance for the lifetime.
Replacement - When you buy any product, you look for the guarantee that the company offers. It comes as an advantage as well as security. When it’s about switches, different companies offer different period of replacement guarantee on their switches. You must look for maximum period of replacement guarantee but this must be the last criteria while buying switches. 
Now when you have gone through the tips for buying electric switches, you must be in a better position to explore the market. Standard Electricals is a well-known brand for electrical products that offers a vast range of modular switches. You can check out their variety of switches by clicking here. All of their switches are made using high-grade FR polycarbonate material while confirming to the industry standards. Electrical switches have a vital role in your space. So, use the given tips to choose the best modular switches that meet all the functional and aesthetic needs of your space perfectly!

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