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Standard, one of the leading brands for electrical products in India, offers a plethora of electrical switches and accessories too. Its range of switch accessories includes extension boards, switch boards, doorbells, sockets, 3 pin plugs, batten holders, and more. Made using the best quality material, these electrical accessories are suitable for applications in corporate buildings, offices, hotels, and homes as well. Browse online to check the best price for electrical accessories by Standard.

While maintaining high standards of quality, Standard Electricals’ switch accessories ensure better energy savings. Whether it’s an office, mall, building, hotel or home, Standard switch accessories are just right to meet your electrical requirements. With genuine price and online availability, these modular switches and switch accessories are the best. Give your electric appliances the best care with Standard’s range of switch accessories!

Whether you need doorbells, 3 pin plugs, sockets, batten holders or any other electrical accessories, simply log in at Standard and choose from a wide range of switches and switch accessories from one of the best brands of India. Made while abiding by the safety standards prescribed by the industry, all the electrical accessories and products are absolutely safe to use so that you can be at ease. Be a wise consumer and shop online to save big!