Exhaust fans are imperative to refresh air, eliminate humidity and moisture, and reduce odors. Standard Electricals has comprehended the importance of exhaust fans in our daily lives and thereby, has come up with a variety of domestic and industrial exhausts. With embedded heavy-duty motors, all these exhaust fans have smooth running speed. Check out Standard’s Exhaust fans and feel that fresh air.

Plastic Exhaust

Standard Electricals’ Plastic Exhaust fans are made to perform efficiently year after year. Made with high-quality plastic, these exhausts have smooth running speed and are super silent. Explore the collection of Standard’s Plastic Exhaust Fans and enjoy great ventilation with almost no noise.

Industrial Exhaust

Industries are prone to odor, smoke and fumes, and since, more human resources are involved; it is necessary to get rid of those fumes and ensure proper air circulation for a healthy working environment. Standard exhaust fans with IP55 and ISI mark feature heavy duty motors to ensure long-lasting performance.

Metal Exhaust

As the name suggests, metal exhausts by Standard Electricals are made out of high-quality metal. These exhaust fans are built using the latest technology to ensure high performance at a low noise. Check out the Standard’s range of Metal Exhaust fans and enjoy refreshing air in your own space.

exhaust fans

When we think of a kitchen or a bathroom, doing without exhaust fans is a big No. Food preparation, bathing as well as sanitation activities produce airborne pollutants that should be thrown out of the house. This, particularly, is more essential if you live in a modern, less ventilated house where there are air circulation issues. Considering the problems faced by modern home makers, Standard Electrical offers you their chic collection of residential exhaust fans in plastic and metal, wherein you’ll have variety to select a model depending on your particular home air circulation requirements. Our wide range of products, are designed to outfit diverse customer requirements, because of our proficiency to modernize and to foresee customer day-to-day requirements. Lastly, when we talk about our USP, our exhaust fans are much-admired for being less noisy, maintenance free as well as are reasonably priced. We value our customers and therefore update our products continuously to make available the best and the only best.