Standard Electricals’ has always strived to offer high-quality products to its consumers. And as always, the Domestic Switchgear range by Standard is the result of extensive research, development and innovation to keep your appliances, wires and most importantly, your loved ones, absolutely safe. Being an important part of any electrical circuit, it is imperative to employ domestic switchgear to protect electrical appliances from short circuits and over currents. Explore the range of Domestic Switchgear that includes all sorts of MCBs, Switch Disconnectors, MCB Changeover Switches, RCCBs, Distributions Boards, and more.

Standard  - MCB Changeover

MCB Changeover

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Standard  - Human Safety

Human Safety

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Standard  - Distribution Boards

Distribution Boards

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Standard  - Circuit Breaker

Circuit Breaker

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Domestic switchgear

An essential for a circuit to perform optimally, switchgear is a part of the entire circuitry that makes it safe. It is used to protect circuits and devices from the effects of overheating due to over currents, short circuits and faulty equipments.

Our domestic switchgear range has 4 broad product categories:

MCB Changeover : Effective solutions to reducing your monthly bills, the MCB changeovers are built using high quality material and come with a great ergonomic design making it an essential in every household.

Circuit Breaker : A useful device, the circuit breaker helps you detect any kind of problems with the circuit and thus, prevents any more current from flowing in it further. This in turn helps prevent accidents which can lead to severe consequences.

Human Safety: The safety of a user is of utmost importance and the range of devices from Standard protects you no matter what.

Distribution Boards: They are installed in the very initial stages of a circuitry and play an important role in distribution of currents.

These devices are built as per the standards in India. They are reliable, safe and long lasting along with being eco-friendly.