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    These cables, available in 180 m packaging, are apt to cater different telecom needs.

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    These cables are perfect for all telephone requirements, available in packaging of 90 m

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Telecom Switch Board Cables

Standard Electricals is a trusted name for flexible cables and wires in India. If we talk about its range of flexible cables , the telecom switch board cables are worth mentioning. Made in line with TEC regulations, the telephone cables by Standard are made using high grade copper wire to offer better elongation, higher solder ability and twist withstanding capability. Browse online to know more about one of the best range of telecom switch board cables in India!

Standard’s telephone cables are suitable for different applications, like indoor telephones, telephone exchanges, industrial plant communication system, EPBAX systems, closed circuit security systems, in-house telephone wiring and various other equipments including telephones. Like most of the flexible cables from the brand, the telecom switch board cables are safe, reliable, fire retardant, halogen free and non-toxic

Made in India, the telecom switch board cables feature hard grade PVC insulation to ensure long life and stable properties, while staggered lays of twisted pairs ensure minimum cross talk. The range of telephone cables, available in the packaging of 90 m and 180 m, by Standard Electricals offers the best performance, enabling disturbance-free communication. So, shop the telecom switch board cables online and get it delivered anywhere in India!