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  • Ivy Modular Range

    With its IVY Modular Range of Switches, Standard has set a new paradigm of design and durability in the market of switches. The IVY range is absolutely unique in its designing and finishing, without negotiating on the quality part. It offers a variety of switch cover plates including the IVY Crest with multiple design options, and IVY Blush that gives you colourful cover plates. Apart from their fancy switch plates, the IVY range has all sorts of switch modules, socket modules and support modules to suit your electrical requirements.

  • zoe-modular-range

    Zoe modular range features a variety of modular switches, sockets, cover frames, support modules and communication modules, along with the hospitality range. The Zoe range of switches is unique due to its dual orientation cover frames, which can be installed both vertically and horizontally as per the available space. Check online to find the best price and features of Zoe modular switches, sockets, support modules and hospitality range.



A range of modular switches that project energy and make your surroundings come alive. Easy to use and durable, these switches from Standard Electricals are built to create an impact with their stunning and modern looks along with their long lasting performance. Augment your walls, be it your home, office or anywhere else with our switches and see the difference.

One of the devices that usually go unnoticed, the switches installed in your homes can really make a difference in your lifestyle. Using all the electrical appliances with convenience is dependent on the kind of switches installed. With Standard, all you need to do is put these switches once and forget. The switches are available in different colors to enhance the interiors.

With incredible features such as safety, reliability and longevity, you can never go wrong. Explore different products like cover plates in different colors and textures, support modules, socket modules, and switch modules etc. in our IVY modular range and ZOE modular range . With the best price and performance guarantee, add a dash of style to your interiors and experience an amalgamation of elegance, simplicity & sophistication.