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  • work culture


    At Standard, we understand the magnitude of work culture, which often plays an important role in retaining and binding people to the organization. We are driven by a work force of over 4000 educated and experienced professionals, who have been assigned jobs according to their interests and qualifications. We are a set of people with diverse perspectives, but our healthy work culture allows anyone and everyone to bring up their point or concern without any fear of retaliation.

  • work culture

    Healthy & Positive
    Work Environment

    We believe that a positive ambience can bring out the best of our employees’ performance. As it is said, “Human beings are essentially simple and a positive work environment has its influence in the way, they think, act and react”, we have created a healthy environment where people can work to the best of their capabilities and creative skills.

  • work culture

    Growth is the result of
    forces working together

    STANDARD, as an employee-friendly organization, values human resource, treats workforce with trust and instills a sense of confidence and cohesion among the workers to achieve the common goal of everyone’s growth.

  • work culture

    “The family that eats
    together, stays together”

    STANDARD firmly believes in the saying, and considers all its employees and workers as a family. We have an in-house kitchen facility, where the lunch is duly cooked using the freshly-sourced ingredients, and served to all the recruits.

  • work culture

    Respect for employees’

    We encourage employees to work efficiently during the pre-defined working hours, and discourage the practice of late-hour working; thus, allowing them to maintain a healthy work life balance. We understand the importance of personal time which is why when an employee goes on leave, we do dissuade everyone from calling them for work.

    At Standard, we facilitate a healthy and encouraging work environment that enables transformation of knowledge to ability, ability to capability, capability to achievement and achievement to growth. And this is our mantra of success.