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    These HTR-FR PVC 0.5 sq. mm to 6.0 cables are available in packaging of 90 m

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Based out of India, Standard Electricals is one of the best brands for flexible cables and wires which can be utilized in a variety of electrical applications. Its Heatshield HTR HRFR cables are amongst the best cables that can be used for internal electrification and supplying power to all electrically operated equipments, like fan, lights, household appliances, etc. This High Temperature Resistant (HTR) Heat Resistant Flame Retardant (HRFR) PVC flexible cable provides the best protection to your loved ones and your appliances.

Made in India using high-grade material, the HTR HRFR PVC flexible cables are offered in the sizes of 0.5 sq. mm, 0.75 sq. mm, 1.0 sq. mm, 1.5 sq. mm, 2.5 sq. mm, 4.0 sq. mm and 6.0 sq. mm in the lengths of 90 m and 180 m respectively. These cables are made from pure annealed copper for better conductivity and have specially formulated PVC for enhanced protection against fire, overload, low voltage and atmospheric changes. Browse online to know more about the specifications of Heatshield HTR HRFR Cables by Standard Electricals!

Standard’s HTR HRFR cables have specially been developed for operational conditions where electric current fluctuation is common. They feature special technology, rated for 10 % higher current carrying capacity, to withstand high temperature rise even during the worst of overloading conditions. Certified by the Central Power and Research Institute (CPRI) of India, the Heatshield HTR HRFR PVC flexible cables are the best when it comes to protection against short circuits or any kind of electrical hazard.

Built according to the current requirements and safety regulations of India, the Heat Resistant Flame Retardant Cables are available online at reasonable prices in different colors, sizes and lengths.