Standard Electricals have always prioritized safety while delivering first grade products. High Temperature Resistant Flame Retardant Cables (HTR-FR) are high temperature resistant and flame retardant cables that have been made using special technology rated for 10% higher current carrying capacity. These heat resistant wires can sustain high temperature rise even during the worst overloading conditions. The High Temperature Resistant Flame Retardant Cables (HTR-FR) by Standard work brilliantly to keep your circuits and appliances safe, for longer.

90 metre

These HTR-FR PVC 0.5 SQ. mm to 6.0 cables are available in packaging of 90 m


The heatshield high temperature reactor hrfr cables from Standard are your go to wires in case you face a lot of fluctuations in your area. A voltage fluctuation may lead to increased heating in the wires and thus, the entire circuit. This is where the High Temperature Resistant Flame Retardant Cables (HTR-FR) provide protection to you and your appliances. These wires are built with special attention to prevent short circuits and any kinds of hazards.

These cables are built specially for India with all the safety and security regulations in place. The range of heatshield heat resistant flame retardant cables is available in different core configurations and lengths including 10 SQ. mm 90 m, 75 SQ. mm 180 m, 25 SQ. mm 180 m, 15 SQ. mm, 180 m, 60 SQ. mm 180 m, 10 SQ. mm 180 m and various others. Reasonably priced, these wires are available in different colors and offer protection like no other.