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  • Storage Water Heater

    Standard’s Storage Water Heater is undoubtedly a great buy, striking a perfect balance between price and performance. The latest technology by Standard makes use of a single weld line tank which is made of super thick cold rolled steel plates, powered with Porcoglass technology. Its Incoloy 800 glass-coated heating element provides amazing heating performance, and resistance to oxidation and carbonation at high temperatures. Available in plastic and metal body types, storage water heaters come in capacity options of 10 L, 15 L and 25 L and have all the safety features like thermal cut off, thermostat, and multifunction safety valve, with a 5 star BEE rating assurance.

  • Instant Water Heater

    Instant Water Heaters by Standard Electricals are the best-in-class, in the presence of ultra thick 304 grade stainless steel tank, and copper heating element, for quick heating and efficient performance. These geysers also come with safety features, such as, automatic cut-off and safety valve, for protection against excessive pressure. With a 5 year warranty on the inner tank, Standard’s Instant Water Heaters are available in capacities of 1 L and 3 L . Check them out!


Water Heaters

A water heater makes an essential appliance for heating water. It is found in almost every home for meeting day to day water heating requirements. Standard Electricals, a leading brand for electric appliances in India, offers a wide range of water heaters in plastic body and metal body. In fact, it has both storage and instant water heaters. Check online to see the entire range of water heaters by Standard.

Not only these water heaters are compact, but also efficient. In the variety of storage water heaters, you can find geysers in both plastic as well as metal body in various capacities. In your home, you generally install water heaters in kitchens and bathrooms, and to ensure safety, choose the geysers that are made adhering to the safety standards. The water heaters by Standard are absolutely easy and safe to use.

Coming to the range of instant water heaters, they are available in plastic body in the capacities of 1 L and 3 L. Among the brands available in India, choose the best with Standard Electricals. Infused with the best technology and high quality material, the water heaters by Standard are truly amazing while giving you the convenience of heating water in a trouble-free manner. Shop online and choose the one that best suits your needs.