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Corporate GovernAnce

STANDARD’S notion of corporate governance focuses on balancing individual and societal goals, as well as, economic and social goals, besides all the strategic planning for development. We encourage healthy interaction between various participants in shaping company’s performance and the way it is moving ahead. Overall, it helps to encourage a reliable, moral, as well as ethical environment. Our idea of corporate governance intends to increase our accountability, so as to avoid any impending massive disaster. We believe that our simple and practical business principles, with regards to the interests of our shareholders and welfare of our employees, have been our secret to success.


At STANDARD, we believe in doing things ethically, no matter how much profit does the ethical violation could bring in. We uphold our traditional values of ethical behavior and moral conduct, along with explicit rules and regulations, to work towards better tomorrow. We encourage ethical behavior at all levels of the organization, for the sustainable growth. Ethical business conduct is entrenched in our roots, and it is adhered across all levels of our operations.

Transparency, Accountability, and Security

At STANDARD, we religiously abide by the three pillars – Transparency, Accountability, and Security – of Corporate Governance. We have a transparent system which is strategically planned, making us accountable for all of our actions and dealings. While making our processes transparent and people accountable, we strive to keep our project data secure from unauthorized access too.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Under the guidance of our parent brand – HAVELLS, we understand the importance of corporate social responsibility and always work towards building sustainable economic and social relationships. As a conscientious organization, we focus on making ecologically responsible electrical products that are energy efficient, without compromising on capacity, or safety. We provide energy efficient solutions that enable people to protect their capital investment and save money, while lowering their energy usage and thus, protecting the environment. Our eco-friendly approach is visible in our endeavor to develop an alternate energy strategy, in order to reduce the environmental impact of our operations. Like this, we are contributing our share towards corporate social responsibility of sustenance of depleting natural resources.