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    Co-axial TV cables for Dish to Dish Antenna.

    Electrolytic grade solid annealed Cu. conductor, JF, AL. Foiled and AL. wire Braided

    RG-59, RG-6 & RG-11

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    RG 6 (Foam)

    305 m Black

    MRP Rs.: ₹ 11135.00
    (incl. of all taxes)

    Standard Electricals offers a wide range of flexible cables and wires, which are known for their high quality and consistent performance. If we talk about its CATV co-axial cables, these are first-rate power cables extensively used in cable TV, broadband and computer networking applications. Since electrification in bigger areas requires lengthy wires, Standard has offered this TV cable in 305 m length as well. For more specifications of electrical wires required in homes, hotels and corporate buildings, browse online!

    The CATV co-axial cables 305 m by Standard Electricals are safe, reliable, fire-resistant, lead & halogen free, and non-toxic. They feature electrolytic grade solid annealed copper as conductor, gas injected physical foamed polyethylene for insulation, braided with aluminium alloy cable as the outer conductor and finally, sheathing of UV resistant black PVC. The sizing and processing of co-axial cables is done in precisely controlled manner on automatic modern machines to have optimum output.

    Designed to optimize the quality of video signals, the CATV co-axial cables are used in homes, hotels, corporate institutions and other places where applications, like cable TV, broadband and computer networking, are required. We all know that these applications are consistently needed everywhere, so you should invest in high quality wires to ensure distortion free signals. Standard Electricals has made these power cables using advanced technology, which helps to provide a clear picture over complete low frequency bandwidth of transmission in such applications.

    Shop online and get the 305 m CATV co-axial cables from Standard Electricals at reasonable prices and experience long-lasting performance!