As we all know, flow of current always has risks; the risk becomes greater with poorly insulated equipments, faulty wires and wrong use of electrical appliances, which can cause current to flow through the wrong path to the earth (this current is known as ‘leakage current’). Here comes the role of Circuit Breakers, which actually play a crucial role in protecting electrical appliances and home from any electrical accidents like over current, short circuit, or overload. The Standard Electricals’ range of circuit breakers is designed to regulate electricity flow through the power systems, check them out.


'B’ Curve MCB are for protection of electrical circuits with equipment that does not cause surge current (lighting and distribution circuits).

Circuit Breaker

An abnormality in the circuit can be a reason for a major mishap where the consequences can be unimaginable. A circuit breaker is a device that can easily prevent this from happening. Once a problem is detected in the power supply, it prevents the entry of current in the circuit, thereby disconnecting the circuit from the supply and protecting your appliances.

There are three broad categories that we have products in:

Higher Rating MCB: With a higher capacity, they are used in applications where high current is involved. They are best suitable for industrial and commercial purposes.

Miniature Circuit Breaker : Ideal for protection against overload current and short circuits in domestic areas where the load is limited.

Isolator Switching Device : Used for switching with independent manual operation.

The range of circuit breakers from Standard are built according to the latest market regulations and meet the guidelines. They are safe and reliable and pose no threat for the environment whatsoever. Buy the best only with a brand that you can trust.